About Me

Things you probably should know about me…or so the internet says.

Hi, I'm Ayomide Joseph

I’m a Direct Response SaaS Copywriter (yeah the guy down there 👇).

Early Stage

I studied applied geophysics but somehow found copywriting as a better way of expressing myself. 

Truth be told, sitting all day and looking at rocks in the laboratory wasn’t cutting it for me (nature is fascinating by the way 😉)

The Transition

Rewind to 5 years back, I started trying my luck with copywriting some days were good, and some…bad. 

After trying different industries from ,e-commerce, real estate, fashion, all the way down to health, I finally landed in SaaS 2+ years ago. Then, I realized “Oh boy, I’m good at this” so yeah, I  stayed 😊

Life in SaaS

Having spent 2+ years consulting with SaaS companies and hands-on experienced the difficulty of customer acquisition, lead generation, and customer retention, I decided to create a framework.   

With careful thought and walkthrough, I developed the Bridge Cross framework. A simple and easy to implement framework by anyone.

I figured why make a complicated framework for SaaS? It’s literally SaaS for a reason. 😎

It’s a framework that takes into account the unique value proposition of SaaS products and connects it with the customers’ needs. 

Since then I’ve helped clients in the SaaS industry generate more leads, increase customer LTV, reduce churn rate, and so much more. 

I’ve been featured on Nutshell, Ganttic, CopyNoise, Skyose, and the other big guys in the league, most of which consider me their business sidekick (go! go! superhero! )

Recently I became a contributor to Entrepreneur Mag and the Growth Hackers Community.


Some nitty gritty facts about me

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your SaaS, and drive actual growth?