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For 89% of SaaS businesses, new customer acquisition is the top growth activity

Yup, that’s right, 89%!

With a lot of tactics and “growth hacks” scattered around the internet, picking the right one (if there’s even right one) can be hassling. 

The wrong growth tactic can either break or ruin your company when you consider how much you’re spending on ads alone for acquiring new customers.

After then you take into account your MRR, customer lifetime value, churn rate, retention cost, retention rate, and so much more.

...but here is the kicker

…the only key factor that drives actual growth to a SaaS business is how you communicate and position your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

In my 2+ years of consulting, and marketing with SaaS companies, I’ve mastered the psychology behind what makes users like you and I keep our subscriptions going no matter what other competitors do or say.

And it’s simple — you’ve got a problem; and they’ve positioned and communicated their UVP as the key solution.

Having your UVP in place allows you to create a solution for an existing problem, not a solution for a non-existing one, and knowing this gave me an edge.

The Edge I Have

Being able to identify the UVP (unique value proposition) about the products of SaaS companies made me understand their 3 main problems.

They include; Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Retention.

As a result of this, I developed the Bridge Cross framework. 

This helped redirect my copywriting skill to revolve around the core aspects that influence growth in a SaaS company.

“Picking someone to work with before launching SynergyBot was sort of a tough choice for me. We had big players in the league already, and we wanted to stand out.

  I needed someone who wouldn’t just write because they can write but someone who deeply understands what our product was all about even before writing.

Ayomide came in and instantly filled that gap, and that’s why we’re keeping him still”

Antione Dionne

Founder, SynergyBot

My Copy + Your SaaS

TLDR; Skip to your solution

Lead Generation

You’re killing it in the traffic game (organic and inorganic), plus a kickass SaaS Product to make it a complete package. 

But somehow, your website and landing pages are not converting as much as you want it to. Visitors are not signing up for your demos, trials, webinars, or newsletters.

You’re blasting out lots of cold emails and your leads are not even bothered about opening them not to talk of setting up a meeting, demo, or a trial account.

You’ve produced twice the content of your competitors; your SEO strategy is one of a kind but when you compare your marketing expenses to your average revenue per user (ARPU), you’re not able to break even.

How I can help you generate more leads

Enough of the guesswork, let’s start converting that traffic of yours into qualified leads.

Customer Acquisition

You did the hard work of nailing your traffic with good messaging, and you’re able to get email subscribers, trials, demos, high webinar attendance and content engagement. Nice work!

However, you are not able to convince them to upgrade to a paid plan. The ones that did upgrade can’t wait for their subscription to be over so they can move to the next guy.

How I can help you acquire more paying customers

Leads not converting to paying customers? Let’s fix that.

Customer Retention

You’ve got a good funnel moving your leads from traffic to prospects and now paying customers. Bravo!


But there a single problem you can’t wrap your head around — a drop off in your ACL (average customer life) chart. You noticed that after a couple of months, they stop paying and just leave your product.

Most of these are caused as a result of new integrations, user experience, user interface, features, and price change over time.

Here’s how I can help you retain your old and new customers

Your product is amazing, let’s keep them loving it.

“Ayomide knows how to distill information into the smallest bits, and that’s exactly what we were missing.

Before he came on board, we had a really vague, and sort of complicated product with so many functions.

He identified our USP, or UVP as he likes to call it then made us focus on it.

Since then, we’ve been converting more trial users to paid users non-stop.”  

Daniella Schiffman

Chief Marketing Officer, Social Post

What to expect when we work together

Testing and Optimization

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If you're still hesitating, then remember this

It takes an average SaaS company 18 months of subscription service to recover the initial cost of customer conversion.