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I help SaaS companies position and communicate their unique value proposition better through every level of customer-product interaction.

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Do You Often Find Yourself Saying This?

“5% – The percentage of revenue that medium SaaS companies lose to churn annually” – FinancesOnline

...and it's costing you things like

These are all signs that you don't have a Unique Value Proposition to offer

You did the hard work of getting potential customers to visit your website…then what’s next?

Series of questions pop in their heads, and  they start to ask:

Everything you have in your SaaS, your competitors also have the same.

Without the right answers to justify why, and how you’re different from the other guys, most won’t even bother to sign up for your demo or trial to find out for themselves…

All that hard work…wasted!

Who can connect your customers' needs with your SaaS product?

Is it the Product Developer?

The coding geek mostly keeping late nights to ensure your SaaS product is always up and running.

The Designer?

Design expert struggling to strike the balance between brand identity, positioning, and messaging in order to help you to stand out.

Or perhaps the Founder?

Super-busy guy trying to secure more funds in order to make it to the next quarter.

Can any of them do this?


…and that’s where I come in.

Meet your sidekick

...and let's save the world with SaaS

Hi, I’m Ayomide Joseph, a SaaS Content Writer, and Direct Response Copywriter.

Over the past 2+ years, I’ve helped 13 SaaS companies create engaging product-based stories that position and communicate their unique value proposition in every stage of customer interaction.

Through that little journey, I developed the Bridge Cross framework.  

A simple framework that focuses on customer value as a meeting point for SaaS solutions.

This framework allows me to help early, and growth-stage SaaS companies identify the unique value proposition (UVP) about their services that connect with the customers’ needs.

Curate Went (X4🚀) From 902 to 3.6k Web Traffic In 6 Months

“I’ve worked with Ayomide on a bunch of different niche articles for my B2B SaaS. 

He was able to pick up the industry dynamics, writing style, and workflow in a breeze and really took our search engine presence to the next level.

One of the best parts about working with him is leveraging his diverse skillset to pivot to whatever would bring in the most success for your business.”

Justin Cruz, Founder Curate
Justin Cruz

Founder, Curate

Where my superpowers kick in...

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Customer Retention

What you might have heard about me on the internet...

“I get stacks of query emails from content writers who want to contribute to Nutshell, and honestly, I wind up ignoring most of them.

If you’re getting ignored, then I’d suggest using Ayomide’s email as a blueprint.”  

Ben Goldstein

Head of Content and Communications, Nutshell

“Thanks for the kind words and reaching out! Definitely the best outreach email, I’ve ever received.”

“Ayomide, you’re the man, can’t wait to have this up on the blog.”

Carmine Mastropierro

Founder, Mastro Commerce

“Picking someone to work with before launching SynergyBot was sort of a tough choice for me. We had big players in the league already, and we wanted to stand out.

  I needed someone who wouldn’t just write because they can write but someone who deeply understands what our product was all about even before writing.

Ayomide came in and instantly filled that gap, and that’s why we’re keeping him still”

Antione Dionne

Founder, SynergyBot

“Thank you Ayomide! I love how you take time to break down every single point you address into the simplest bits. 

You make reading about SaaS products fun, simple, and easy to read. Can’t wait to have this go live.

Ashley Kimler

B2B SaaS Expert and Founder of CopyNoise

“Ayomide knows how to distill information into the smallest bits, and that’s exactly what we were missing.

Before he came on board, we had a really vague, and sort of complicated product with so many functions.

He identified our USP, or UVP as he likes to call it then made us focus on it.

Since then, we’ve been converting more trial users to paid users non-stop.”  

Daniella Schiffman

Chief Marketing Officer, Social Post

“Ayomide, I finally had the chance to look over your article. It’s great! 

I like that you used it from the perspective of yourself, so it’s personal, informative, funny, and easy to read (we really need more of that).

Good job, glad to have you on the team”

Amanda Haynes
Amanda Haynes

Marketing Manager, Ganttic

What to expect when we work together

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It takes an average SaaS company 18 months of subscription service to recover the initial cost of customer conversion.